2017 02 EstatePlanningSeminar

Please Register to Attend an Estate Planning Seminar

Focusing on Wills and Living Trusts


Featuring Speaker:

Jason Adkins, Attorney at Law

with Moore and Rutt Law Firm in Georgetown, DE




Two Event Options (both sessions will cover the same materials/topics)

  • Wednesday, Feb. 22nd from 6:30-7:30pm
  • Monday, March 6th from 6:30-7:30pm


We will meet in the Community Room at:

88.7 The Bridge
1977 Bay Road
Milford, Delaware   19963


Some topics that may be covered:

  • Creating a Will
  • Revocable and Irrevocable Trusts
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Charitable Giving
  • Probate
  • Joint Ownership Issues
  • Guardianship
  • Long Term Care/Medicaid Planning
  • Tips to reduce risk of family/heirs fighting over Estate
  • What happens if you do nothing?


Estate Planning Seminar
If we believe that everything we have is a gift from God and our opportunity on earth is to manage it, the question becomes whether we are good stewards in our care and custody of what we have been given.

Shaping the Future
Wise planning, hard work, and dedication go into the accumulation of an estate.  The same wise planning and dedication should go into the use and disposition of that estate.  Your estate, whatever it is, becomes the material representation of your life and therefore, is never insignificant.  This is particularly true if you have been blessed with your most precious asset, your children.

As a Christian, you must thoughtfully establish the goals and objectives you wish to accomplish for yourself, your dependents and for the Lord through your estate.  You have the responsibility and privilege to practice Christian stewardship in your estate as well as in all of your other affairs.


Have you asked?
How will the distribution of my finances be handled for minors?
How might I have a proper directing influence in my children’s lives even when I’m not present?
How would I be cared for if I were incapacitated?
Who would care for my financial obligations during my incapacitation and have access to my assets?
How might I provide for my grandchildren education, receive a charitable deduction, and then have any reminder go to the Lord’s work?
How can I legally prevent the government, probate, and others from taking too much from my estate before my beneficiaries receive their share?
After I am gone would my assets be distributed, as I desire?
Have I included the Lord’s work, foremost my church, in my distribution?
Who is best qualified to carry out my wishes after I am gone?
How is the guardian for my children to be chosen?


Please - Invite others!

If you know of someone else who has questions regarding estate planning - please invite them to this meeting. They must register to attend, or be included as your guest.


Deadline to Register is Monday, February 20th & Friday, March 3th (respectively)

We hope you can make it!


NOTE: No obligation to use the legal services of Moore and Rutt Law Firm is required in order to attend the seminar.




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