About Us

88.7 The Bridge is WKNZ-FM (and W235AL 94.9 FM Ocean City, MD), a community supported, non-commercial radio station. Our mission is to Connect and Strengthen families and individuals through the use of contemporary music and media. We exist to serve the community, and to be a positive, encouraging force in the Delmarva region.

2016CoverageMapOur position on the FM dial at 88.7 (and W235AL 94.9 FM Ocean City, MD) means that this station must, by law, remain a non-profit, educational/informational broadcast station. The Federal Communications Commission maintains very specific and strict enforcement of radio stations at this location of the FM Band. This radio station is prohibited from selling traditional 'advertising' and will be largely listener-supported. We are permitted to thank sponsors who help financially underwrite programming. This frequency can NEVER be sold to a commercial, for-profit company by Federal Law.

Our format will be Adult Contemporary Christian Music, with an emphasis on local people, local issues, and local events. Our goal is to be entertaining to listeners while encouraging unity amongst Delmarva's Christian population while being a source for strength to assist the listener's daily walk with the Lord.

As radio has changed with the development of new technologies, we will be keeping an eye on the future of this broadcast medium and will work toward staying on the cutting edge of technology to keep the station useful and relevant in today's culture. We currently utilize social networking tools such as Twitter and Facebook as a part of this effort.

This station exists because of the foresight of several Christian people and local Churches taking a leap of faith in order to serve the people of Delmarva. The FCC requires a non-profit organization to hold the license, and The Bridge of Hope, Inc. is the licensee. However, 88.7 The Bridge (and W235AL 94.9 FM Ocean City, MD) is going to directly benefit every Christian from Sussex, Kent and most of New Castle Counties in Delaware as well as surrounding states while simultaneously, indirectly benefiting every Church Body and non-believers within and outside our signal's range. The station will become self-supporting and its mission is to serve as though it belongs to every Church and every Christian on Delmarva.

The ministry is committed to the recruitment, selection, training, compensation, transfer and promotion of qualified individuals regardless of age, sex, race, national origin, disability or veteran status.

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